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The Control Bar will change the information shown in the Control Window. Each button corresponds to specific menus regarding your character. The control bar is also where gold is stored and displayed.

The Character Window displays information about your character such as stats, armor value, skills, resistances, and your current color. You may change your color at any time by changing the My Color drop down.

Your bag will hold 28 small items such as potions, jewels, and some weapons or equipment items. Any one-handed throwing weapons such as daggers can be thrown from the bag as an additional attack method.

Your Belt stores up to 6 weapons or equipment items that are too large for your bag. Any one-handed throwing weapons such as daggers can be thrown from the belt as an additional attack method.

Spells are stored within the Spell Book. Spells can be conjured and cast directly from the Spell Book as well. Move frequently used spells to and from the Spell Bar by dragging the spell icon. Once spells are moved to the Spell Bar they will no longer be displayed within the Spell Book.

Creature List
Any creatures visible to you are displayed in the creature list. Creatures closer to you are displayed at the top of the list. The red bar represents the health of the creature. You can perform actions on creatures in the Creature List by clicking it the same as using the Play Field. This makes it easier to target a specific creature if there are many creatures in one area.

Equipment you are wearing is displayed in the equipment window. Equip or unequip items by dragging them to or from the equipment window.

Rings you are wearing are displayed in the Rings window. Equip or unequip rings by dragging them to or from the Rings window.

When coins are looted, drag and drop them directly onto the coin icon. Clicking the coin icon will allow you to move some or all of your coins. Coins can also be stored at the bank within any major city. Carrying too many coins will cause your character to be over-weight and rapidly lose stamina.