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Weak Tin Flux
Published on 4/24/2013 by Wrath

A substance used by smiths to remove impurities from metals. This item may be useful to tradesmen.

Item Type:

Dropped By Creatures:
Burrows - Burrow Worm
Burrows - Rabbit
Burrows - Terrapin
Burrows - Woodchuck
Tainted Farm - Binx the Gnome
Mushroom Forest - Badger
Mushroom Forest - Bear
Mushroom Forest - Mobile Mushroom
Mushroom Forest - Rabbit
Mushroom Forest - Raccoon
Mushroom Forest - Shroom Fish
Mushroom Forest - Squirrel
Mushroom Forest - Wolf
Renatus - Bear
Renatus - Crab
Renatus - Fish
Renatus - Rabbit
Renatus - Raccoon
Renatus - Sea Turtle
Renatus - Squirrel
Granted by Consuming Items:
Flux Bundle