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Weak Obsidian Flux
Published on 4/25/2013 by AdiosMaricon

A substance used by smiths to remove impurities from metals. This item may be useful to tradesmen.

Item Type:

Dropped By Creatures:
Test Map - Ancient Putrid Mummy
Catacombs - Ancient Geist
Catacombs - Apparition
Catacombs - Banshee
Catacombs - Brother Aaron (Quest)
Catacombs - Brother Moses (Quest)
Catacombs - Burning Skeleton
Catacombs - Charred Skeleton
Catacombs - Christina Selore (Quest)
Catacombs - Dark Enchanted Bones
Catacombs - Decaying Rat
Catacombs - Demon
Catacombs - Flame Phantasm
Catacombs - Glowing Skull
Catacombs - Hound
Catacombs - Ice Phantasm
Catacombs - Juvenile Venom Spitter
Catacombs - Skeletal Crusader
Catacombs - Skeletal Fish
Catacombs - Skeletal Frog
Catacombs - Skeletal Monk
Catacombs - Skeleton
Catacombs - Spectre
Catacombs - Undead Corpse
Catacombs - Vampire Bat
Catacombs - Venom Spitter
Catacombs - Wraith
Lava Caves - Ancient Flame Lizard
Lava Caves - Bella (Quest)
Lava Caves - Dart Scorpion
Lava Caves - Elder Flame Lizard
Lava Caves - Elemental Fire
Lava Caves - Ember Scorpion
Lava Caves - Fire Beetle
Lava Caves - Flame Mongrel
Lava Caves - Giant Elemental Fire
Lava Caves - Goblin Archer
Lava Caves - Goblin Basher
Lava Caves - Goblin Bruiser
Lava Caves - Goblin Mage
Lava Caves - Goblin Seer
Lava Caves - Infernal
Lava Caves - Lava Serpent
Lava Caves - Molten Drake Hatchling
Lava Caves - Smouldering Lava Sprite
Lava Caves - Assistant Sean (Quest)
Lava Caves - Camrine (Quest)
Lava Caves - Drake Princess
Lava Caves - Goblin Leader
Lava Caves - Lava Sprite
Lava Caves - Molten Drake
Lava Caves - Sara (Quest)
Granted by Consuming Items:
Flux Bundle