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Blood Stained Note
Published on 9/14/2013 by Pimgd

The bloodied note reads: To those desiring the prize To let them see through other eyes Through dangers they must fight and sneak To find the items they must seek: The bane of wolves must number five, One hat from a plant now un-alive, A pair of glowing venom sacks, Some eerie candies orange and black, A jug of seaside ale to pour, A couple of small harvest gourds, One popcorn ball for the devil’s bowl, and a raiment torn from a tortured soul. Should these items you collect With nothing on your list unchecked The prize awaits your earnest head... make certain you don’t end up dead!

Item Type:
Lore Type:
Pick Up

Granted by Consuming Items:
Reborn Haunted Hunt Goody Bag