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Ooze-Covered Gemstone
Published on 5/6/2013 by RavenLunatic

A small gem coated with sludge. You don't know what type of stone it is, but you can clear it off with 6 Natural Solvents, 10 Renatus Cotton Cloths, and a Smithing Hammer to reveal its true potential.

Item Type:

Dropped By Creatures:
Burrows - Magic Glow Worm
Burrows - Ruthless Glow Worm
Burrows - Wicked Glow Worm
Burrows - Glow Worm
Tainted Farm - Glow Worm
Tainted Farm - Rancid Ooze
Renatus Sewers - Burning Slime
Renatus Sewers - Freezing Slime
Renatus Sewers - Monstrous Ooze
Renatus Sewers - Rancid Ooze
Renatus - Monstrous Ooze