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Swamp Agate
Published on 4/27/2013 by Romulas

A brown agate commonly found within the swamps.

Item Type:

Dropped By Creatures:
Eerie Marshes - Eerie Bleeder
Eerie Marshes - Eerie Crocodile
Eerie Marshes - Marsh Creeper Acolyte
Eerie Marshes - Marsh Creeper Augurer
Eerie Marshes - Marsh Creeper Conscript
Eerie Marshes - Marsh Creeper Rogue
Eerie Marshes - Mythical Marsh Creeper
Eerie Marshes - Swamp Crawler
Eerie Mountain - Eerie Griffon Soldier
Eerie Mountain - Mountain Lion
Eerie Mountain - Rock Giant
Eerie Mountain - Eerie Griffon Knight
Eerie Mountain - Eerie Griffon Lord
Eerie Mountain - Mythical Griffon Matriarch
Eerie Mountain - Crystallized Air
Eerie Mountain - Sky Drake
Rewarded by Quests:
Eerie Marshes - Professor Cristo
Eerie Marshes - Chef Bubba
Eerie Marshes - Boris