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Black Stone
Published on 4/25/2013 by AdiosMaricon

This small flat rock would probably go pretty far if you skipped it on the water.

Item Type:

Dropped By Creatures:
Burrows - Sporel Guard
Burrows - Sporel Sapling
Burrows - Sporel Youth
Burrows - Swarmer Drone
Burrows - Magic Glow Worm
Burrows - Ruthless Glow Worm
Burrows - Sporel Commoner
Burrows - Wicked Glow Worm
Burrows - Glow Worm
Crystal Caverns - Crystal Guardian
Crystal Caverns - Crystal Sentinel
Tainted Farm - Haunted Ghost
Renatus Sewers - Giant Centepede
Renatus Sewers - Giant Rat
Renatus Sewers - Giant Sewer Croc
Renatus Sewers - Giant Spider
Renatus Sewers - Ironwing Bat
Renatus Sewers - Monstrous Ooze
Renatus Sewers - Spitting Spider
Renatus Sewers - Burning Slime
Renatus Sewers - Freezing Slime
Renatus Sewers - Frog Man
Renatus Sewers - Rancid Ooze
Renatus - Dar Wyn
Renatus - Wild Boar
Renatus - Giant Spider
Renatus - Monstrous Ooze
Renatus - Spitting Spider
Rewarded by Quests:
Mushroom Forest - Gnome Guard Bink (Quest)
Mushroom Forest - Gnome Guard Wort (Quest)
Mushroom Forest - Gnome Guard Zep (Quest)
Mushroom Forest - Gnome Guard Purp (Quest)