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Items & Looting

Right clicking any item will display its information window.

Moving Items

Items can be moved by dragging them. An item's info window will display icons where the item can be moved. Any item can be held in your left or right hands.

Consumable Items

Items that display the character icon can be consumed by dragging them to the character icon on the Control Bar.

By right clicking a healing potion, it's information window will be displayed. Notice the potion can be dragged to the bag or character buttons on the Control Bar. Dragging the potion to the bag button will automatically place it in the first available bag slot. With the bag window open you may also drag the potion to a specified slot.


Items that you can equip will display the red equipment icon. Equip items by dragging them to the equipment button on the Control Bar, or to the appropriate slot in the equipment window. Some equipment may require one or multiple skills in order to equip. It will be displayed in the items information window if you do not meet the requirements.


Weapons are items that display a slot attribute of Right Hand, Left Hand, Either Hand, or 2 Hand. In order to wield the weapon it must be held in the indicated slot. 2 Handed weapons must be used in the right hand with the left hand emtpy.

Weapons that display a range attribute can be fired or thrown by double clicking them. 1 handed throwing weapons such as daggers can be thrown from your hands,bag, or belt. 2 handed range weapons such as bows can only be fired from your Right Hand with your Left Hand empty

There are 8 different weapon skills. Each type has its own advantages. Below is just a general overview. Weapons can vary greatly.

Slashing Weapons(1 Hand & 2 Hand) Slashing weapons tend to have high damage. 2 Handed Slashing weapons are slower but do significantly more damage, however you cannot carry anything in your left hand.

Blunt Weapons(1 Hand & 2 Hand) Blunt weapons usually have high defense allowing you to block incoming attacks more often. 2 Handed Blunt weapons have even higher blocking, however you cannot carry anything in your left hand.

Piercing Weapons(1 Hand & 2 Hand) Piercing weapons usually have very high accuracy making it very hard for creatures to block your attacks. 2 Handed Piercing weapons do more damage. With some 2 Handed Piercing weapons you can attack creatures from 1 tile away.

Hand Hand skill is very fast and has good defense but does little damage.

Ranged Ranged weapons like bows can attack creatures from 4 tiles away.

Throwing Some weapons like daggers and special axes can be thrown. A thrown item will hit the target the same way as if it were swung.

LootingTiles that have something on the ground will display a treasure icon

You can right click any tile within 1 move of your character to view the items on the ground. Your play field will zoom in on the tile you right clicked and reveal the items. Right click the field again to return to normal view. Double click the corpse of a slain creature to loot or "roll" the corpse. Any items on the corpse will appear on the ground. Items may them be dropped onto their appropriate button or window. Coins can only be dropped onto the coin icon on the control bar.

You can only remove items or roll corpses from the tile your standing on or a counter your standing next to.