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Play Field

The play field displays your surroundings and is used to move your character or interact with players, creatures or the environment. Your character is always centered in the play field.

Performing Actions

Actions are performed by double clicking. Any action you perform such as moving your character, attacking a creature, or looting an item has a delay you must wait before performing the next action. Different actions have different delays. Your cursor will change to a circular shape while you are waiting for the delay to expire. You cannot perform any new actions while your cursor is circular. As you hover over the Reborn Interface Window, the action indicator will display what action will happen on double click.
Action Indicator

Moving your character

To move your character by single tile, simply double click an adjacent tile. Keep in mind, you cannot move through walls, counters, or some obsticles, such as columns or statues. You can also move up to 4 tiles in any direction, including diagonal. Single clicking a tile on the Play Field will attempt to create a path to that tile. Double clicking a tile will move your character following the path. Most of the time you can simply double click the tile you wish to move to and Rpg Reborn's “auto pathing” will move you to that position. The auto pathing will avoid most obsticals such as walls or counters. However, at times, you may wish to manually determine the path your character takes. To do this single click each tile you wish to move to. Single clicking a tile that is already in your path will remove it and all previously layed arrows from your path. Below you can see an example of manual pathing, auto pathing, and removing a path.

Manual Pathing
Auto Pathing

Attacking Creatures

Double clicking a creature that is on your tile will attack it. Double clicking a creature that is not on your tile will attempt a rush attack. A rush attack will attempt to move your character to the creature's tile and attack it. The delay for a rush attack is your movement delay plus your attack delay.

Action Indicators



The color of your name determines your faction, so creatures with the same color name as you are friendly to you. If you wish to attack a friendly creature (or player) you must hold the shift key. You can also use the Creature List to perform attacks on specific creatures. (More on this in the Control Bar section of the how to play menu).

Creature Menus

Right click players when standing on the same tile, or right click some creatures within two tiles to display their menu.

Bankers Store an unlimited amount of coins and items in your magic bank. Your same items are available from any bank.
Vendors Buy or sell items.
Trainers Learn new skills and spells. Train your existing skills to gain faster experience.
Quest You will be asked to complete a task for a reward.
Other Players Right clicking players that are on the same tile as you will open a menu with a number of options such as inspect or trade.