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Right clicking any spell icon will display its information window. You can also right click spells in your Spell Effects window.

Casting Spells To cast a spell you must first conjure or "ready" the spell. To do this you double click the spell's icon. Spells may be conjured from your Spell Bar or your Spellbook. Once a spell is conjured it will appear in the Cast Window. It is now ready to cast by double clicking the icon in the Cast Window.

Be careful, leaving a spell conjured for to long will drain your mana. If you take damage while you have a spell conjured there is a chance that you will be fizzled and have to re-conjure the spell. The lower your health is when you take damage the higher the chance you will fizzle. You can fizzle your own spell by right clicking the icon in the cast window.

Self Effects only the caster
Target Creature Effects one target of the casters choice
Target Area Effects multiple creatures of the same faction within range of the targeted creature. These spells will play a short graphical effect.
Ground Area Effects ALL creatures (including yourself) in range of targeted tile. These spells are most powerfull and play a continuos graphical effect.

Spell Disciplines There are 8 different spell disciplines you can learn. The number of different disciplines you can learn is determined by the sum of all magic skill levels. You must have one spell discipline at magic skill level of 15 before you can learn a second discipline. You must have a combined magic skill level of 50 before you can learn a 3rd discipline, and a combined magic skill level of 105 for the 4th discipline. Choose carefully before you learn a discipline as there is no way to un-learn a magic school.

Fire Adventurers that choose to practice in the art of Fire must be of very high intelligence. By calling forth the strongest of all elements, Fire mages are able to cause angry paths of distruction covering many miles. Due to the catastrophic might of their spells and abilities they must suffer the hardest blows to their magical energy.
Ice An Ice mage will use the powers of frozen chill to cause their foes to weaken and slow. Assaulting their enemies with the tremendous powers of the freezing elements allows the ice mage to conserve their magical energy. Although intelligence guides the vicious ice assualts, wisdom is also an attribute for a good defense.
Holy By following the light of the truth the Holy mage is provided the protection of the Gods. Immense wisdom allows the mage to shield themselves and their allies with strong barriers of aegis. With blessings of ancients, they restore health and even resurrect the fallen ally. The will of the Gods grant the ability to smite those who fall from the path of rightousness and exorcise the undead with great potency.
Unholy The unholy summoner will call forth the undead to do their bidding, and as their evil strengthens, so will the atrocities they command. Due to their love of agony, summoners inflict a slow painful death. With hightened intelligence they are able to conserve magical energy causing the suffering to be endured endlessly.
Might Every great king was once a mighty soldier. With infinite passion these leaders increase their fighers speed and strength. Shouts of rage mixed with strength of heart increase the stamina regeneration of both this soldier and his commrades. The willpower of this mercenary is bested by none.
Resilience Warriors bold and true rise to the challenges of their transgressors, and causes their limbs to slow. These masters of the elements raise the resistances of those true to them. Courage in battle slowly increases the health of himself and his allies. Through extensive training these fighters learn to heal wounds while inflicting pain on the enemies. Using increased agility they deminish the resolve of their foes.
Mentality Masters of the mind, those that chose to use the power of Mentality, can mesmerize those around them. They allow their allies swift thoughts which increase cast speed. They also control the strength of spells being cast by their allies. Do not be decieved though, as these masters are also known to control the minds of others, and bend them to their whim. Through meditation and clear thinking these fierce beings also boost magic regeneration.
Shadow Like a cat in the night, the shadow thief may walk unseen. They are able to move swiftly using the dexterity granted to them. They have also mastered the art of poisoncraft, and can cause lethal damage to anyone who may cross them. Shadow theives will also call upon the darkness to envolup and confuse. These rogues have become so intuned with the blade they are able to summon daggers from thin air.