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Game Update Log

2/12/2017Added Valentines holiday content.
12/17/2013Bug Fix - Pyro Cloud map crash.
12/2/2013Bug Fix - Ring slot allowing non-ring items to be equiped.
9/29/2013Released 2013 Halloween content.
9/26/2013Fixed bugs with Trainers (unable to learn new skills, forget old skills, missing info on next magic, etc)
8/18/2013Moved spells in Lake Shire from Trainers to Spell Vendors.
8/17/2013Added footsteps sound effect while moving.
8/17/2013Moved spells in Renatus from Trainers to Spell Vendors. Expanded Renatus town area to accomodate more vendors.
8/17/2013Fixed bug regarding melee hit sounds. Light / Med / Heavy damage now calculated AFTER damage has been applied.
8/10/2013Player trade window now displays stack quantities.
8/10/2013Item stacks are now fully supported.
8/10/2013Items purchased from Vendors will auto stack when possible.
8/9/2013Attempting to sell a bound item at the vendor will now prompt you for confirmation.
8/8/2013Implemented item stacking. Currently only the Bank, Mailbox, and Vendor officially support stacking items. Do not perform trade combines or complete quests with stacked items at this point. The entire stack will be consumed.
8/8/2013Client and server side optimizations. Server updates have been compressed and granulated significantly.
7/14/2013Implemented many new Bows. Adjustments to existing bows.
7/13/2013Client Performance Improvement - Framerate in heavily animated areas (Ice Plains, Crystal Caverns, etc) should be significantly better.
5/27/2013Implemented screen position change animation.
5/26/2013Implemented on screen animated creature movement.
5/14/2013Implemented several new Jewelcraft recipes.
5/8/2013Fixed client issue preventing roll-over bag page changes.
5/8/2013Reduced data transfer volume significantly.
4/27/2013Character creation now requires you choose a first magic. Descriptions added to weapon selection.
4/27/2013Spells may now be linked through chat the same as Items.
4/26/2013You will no longer drop your weapons, and your corpse cannot be rolled if you have no skills greater than level 10.
4/24/2013Released the Item Database. Items must be published in game to appear in the Database. /publish [Item Link]
4/16/2013Client performance improvement.
4/16/2013Skinned the blue alert pop ups (Login failure, Mail Sent, etc)
4/4/2013Vamp Touch/Aura now work with ranged weapons.
4/4/2013Client performance improvement. Complete screen refresh (when you move) should be 10-20ms faster on some systems.
4/4/2013Stackable items architecture partially implemented. (Stack quantity is displayed on some items, but the functionality is not yet ready)
3/27/2013Implemented Dual & Tri skill Rejuvination spells.
3/26/2013Bug Fix - Weapons turning invisible when effects are re-cast such as poison.
3/26/2013Replaced Resurrection (Rank 1) with Wisdom buff.
3/24/2013Implemented Dual and Tri adds (HP,MP,SP) buffs.
3/9/2013Implemented 2 new Might Spells (Titans Push and Siphonic Grasp)
3/9/2013Several area maps can now be found.
3/9/2013Implemented keys for doors and portals.
3/9/2013Released the Shire Guard Armory.
3/9/2013Fixed / Implemented several missing quests.
3/9/2013Added new Weaponcraft and Alchemy recipes.
3/7/2013Implemented 2 new Resilience spells (Melee Break and Lethargy)
3/7/2013Enraging shout now taunts all creatures within visible range.
3/6/2013Implemented tri-skill Resist spells.
3/6/2013Fixed Mana Burn and AOE spell issues.
3/3/2013Implemented architecture for multiple-skill spells. Please test your existing spells, and pay attention to creature spells. There is a possibility of some spells being broken or malfunctioning.
3/3/2013Implemented dual skill Resist spells. Due to this, resist spells no longer stack.
3/1/2013Released comedic, yet offensive, holiday content available till 04-01.
2/26/20132H Piercing weapons are now hide-able.
2/26/20132H Piercing weapons are now throw-able (from the belt). Due to this, they are also Lore.
2/26/2013Adjustments to existing 2H Pierce weapons. Implemented many new 2H Pierce weapons, this includes new quests, drops, and recipes.
2/17/2013Adjustments to existing 2H Slashing weapons. Added many new 2H Slashing weapons, this includes new drops, quests, and recipes.
2/17/2013Bug Fix - Illusion Fire now works properly.
2/17/2013Bonus damage when THROWING weapons now factors both STR and DEX (rather than only DEX)
1/28/2013Released Holiday content.
1/28/2013Adding scrolling to buff effects window.
1/28/2013Implemented Spell Scrolls. (Consumables that grant spells)
1/28/2013Implemented spell cooldowns.
1/28/2013Adjustments to a few existing spells, added cooldown and increased power for some.
1/28/2013Holiday Avatars are available in the store while holiday content is available.
1/2/2013Added more Avatars (drops and Store)
1/2/2013Implemented new sounds.
1/2/2013Enslave will now break if the target takes damage from a friendly faction.
12/31/2012Implemented Eerie Mountains upper level 4 map.
12/30/2012Client performance improvement.
12/29/2012Swapped Succubus and Skeleton Unholy spells.
12/29/2012Implemented Eerie Mountains upper level 3 map.
12/29/2012Tweaked Alchemy Genie pet.
12/29/2012Item Info pop up can now display images.
12/29/2012Added new avatars (drops and Store).
12/29/2012Implemented 4 new Jewel Craft recipes.
12/27/2012Updated skins on a few simple pop-ups. (Volume, Colors, Creature List Settings).
12/26/2012Implemented Privacy controls.
12/18/2012Added two powerful, Alchemist only recipes!
12/13/2012Character Avatars can now be found in game.
12/8/2012Added 1 new Alchemy recipe.
12/8/2012Implemented the final 3 Burrows maps.
12/8/2012Implemented Eerie Mountains upper level 2 map.
12/8/2012Fixed bug that prevented access to Hall of Brawn within Shroom Town.
12/8/2012Added Spirit Binder to Shroom Town.
12/6/2012Expanded Shroom Town and added numerous NPCs.
12/6/2012Released The Burrows (entry level map connection between Renatus and Shroom Town)
12/6/2012Implemented 1 new alchemy recipe.
12/1/2012Implemented final 4 trade skill booster recipes.
12/1/2012Added 1 missing 1H Slashing weapon.
12/1/2012Implemented 2 unique WeaponCraft recipes.
12/1/2012Adjustments to existing trade skill recipe levels.
12/1/2012Added 9 new Alchemy recipes.
12/1/2012Update character right-click menu skin.
11/30/2012Implemented Journal Chapter 3!
11/30/2012Implemented 12 new trade skill recipes. (Trade skill boosters! Increase your success rate!)
11/29/2012Implemented missing recipes - Steel Ingot & Celestial Suspension
11/29/2012Added Holiday Content - Available till 01-03-13.
11/29/2012Implemented 2 new Mentality spells.
11/17/2012Modifications to existing 2H Blunt weapons. Added many more 2H Blunt weapons (more than doubled the current inventory). This includes new Quests, Drops, and Recipes.
11/10/2012Added training indicator to skills EXP bar.
11/10/2012Fixed creature list sorting issues due to Neutral faction.
11/3/2012Added Neutral faction type.
10/29/2012RPG Reborn is now live on Kongregate.com! If you have a Kongregate account dont forget to rate us! Thanks!
10/25/2012Update Coin Select Pop Up Skin
10/21/2012Updated Item / Spell info and Main Menu pop ups.
10/19/2012Updated Quick Start screens.
10/19/2012Implemented Kongregate.com integration.
10/11/2012Facebook implementation is complete! Be sure to "like" the RPG Reborn Community page!
10/6/2012Released Halloween content.
10/6/2012Moved account management features to the RPG Reborn client - using a secure SSL connection.
9/25/2012Optimized Rankings Page.
9/25/2012Added instance load management.
9/25/2012Updated Character select screen, displays live instance status.
9/25/2012Added an additional page to the spell bar.
9/25/2012Implemented PvP instances. (No SD Flags or Karma apply)
9/15/2012Implemented new skin for main game UI screen.
8/30/2012Fixed issue with browser zoom clipping off portions of the Client. Also fixed several minor visual client bugs.
8/24/2012Created new content editing tool for creating and editing maps and spawn points.
8/24/2012Implemented variable ground spawns.
8/11/2012Implemented map spawned area effects.
8/11/2012Certain creatures now have rolling and looting abilities.
8/11/2012Released two new Eerie Lands Maps.
7/29/2012Adjustments to existing 1H Slash weapons and many new 1H Slash weapons. This includes new drops, quests, and WeaponCraft recipes.
7/28/2012Bug Fix - Bag roll over navigation bug.
7/28/2012Bug Fix - Pasting invalid characters into message input will no longer cause a disconnect.
7/25/2012Combat multiplier is now applied to stamia cost.
7/25/2012Bug Fix - Tampering with client allows bank usage with no banker.
7/25/2012Released Chapter 2 of Storyline Journal
7/22/2012Updated Character Select / Creation Screen Skins.
7/20/2012Updated Loading Screen Skin.
7/19/2012Updated Login Screen Skin
7/14/2012Implemented Rpg Reborn Store
7/5/2012Adjustments to existing 1H Pierce weapons and many new 1H Pierce weapons. (Doubled the number of available 1H Pierce weapons) This includes new drops, rare spawns, quests, and WeaponCraft recipes.
7/1/2012Adjustments to existing Hand weapons and many new Hand weapons. (Tripled the number of available Hand weapons) This includes new drops, rare spawns, quests, and WeaponCraft recipes.
7/1/2012Implemented new expansion teaser. (Entrance map to Eerie Lands)
6/30/2012Implemented 4 new Jewel Craft recipes. Added new ground spawns.
6/30/2012Implemented 1 new Alchemy recipe. ;-)
6/27/2012Implemented Active Storyline Journal - Writing courtesy of SaucyJack
5/29/2012Disconnects have been being caused by a failing router. Issue has been temporarily remedied, but new hardware should arrive in a few days.
5/24/2012Adjustments to existing 1H Blunt weapons.
5/24/2012Added many (more than doubled) new 1H Blunt weapons from levels 1-25. This includes new quests, drops, and trade recipes.
5/24/2012Implemented new skill requirements (Any Magic, Any Melee, Any Trade). Not currently in use. Needed for upcoming area expansion.
5/16/2012Implemented Fire (29) Spell - Pyroclastic Cloud
5/15/2012Implemented Fire (27) Spell - Friendly Flames
5/15/2012Implemented Fire (28) Spell - Summon Phoenix
5/15/2012Fixed Bug - Summon Soul will no longer allow you to summon players across instances.
5/2/2012Implemented Shadow (28) Spell - Steal
5/2/2012Implemented Shadow (29) Spell - Summon Lemur
5/2/2012Shadow spells are now conjured silently (Sound / Message only heard by the caster)
5/2/2012Bug Fix - Tampering with client allows invalid character creation stats.
5/2/2012Bug Fix - Map engine crash due to timing issues with taunt expiration. (Duke's Shire crash)
5/2/2012Tweak - Spells should be slightly harder to be resisted. (Intelligence now has a greater impact preventing spell resists)
4/29/2012Implemented Holy (28) Spell - Soothing Breeze
4/29/2012Implemented Holy (29) Spell - Summon Ent Sapling
4/28/2012Bug Fix - Ice Wall / Ice Bridge allowing casting on top of creatures.
4/28/2012Bug Fix - Unable to re-learn a magic after forgetting.
4/28/2012Bug Fix - Checkpoints broken
4/28/2012Implemented last missing creature spells.
4/28/2012Bug Fix - Tampering with client allows purchase of spells you do not meet the level requirements to use.
4/28/2012Implemented Unholy (26) Spell - Summon Soul
4/28/2012Implemented Unholy (27) Spell - Siphon Life - Rank 3
4/28/2012Implemented Unholy (28) Spell - Hysteria
4/28/2012Implemented Unholy (29) Spell - Raise Corpses
4/28/2012Implemented Ice (29) Spell - Wall of Wind
4/28/2012Bug Fix - Unable to pick up additional unique items when one is equipped.
4/25/2012Changed many items from Lore to Unique
4/25/2012Fixed Bug - Item gets stuck when attempting to move or consume - due to timing issue with Fear, Stun, etc.
4/25/2012Implemented last missing Crystal Caves boss.
4/25/2012Reduced treasure icon size... to much treasure isnt supposed to be painful.
4/24/2012Implemented 2 of the missing Crystal Caverns bosses.
4/24/2012Bug Fix - 1 minute returning buff bug.
4/24/2012Bug Fix - Night Vision & Natural Darkness visiblity issue.
4/24/2012Bug Fix - Broken cooldown timers.
4/22/2012Completed migration to new hardware, cleaned up back end.
4/17/2012Build and basic setup of new hardware complete. 4 instances now available.
4/9/2012Implemented Spell - Tainted Aura
4/9/2012Implemented Spell - Crystalline Web
4/8/2012More bug fixes.
4/8/2012Implemented Cure Rabies potions.
4/8/2012Implemented Cure Silence potions.
4/8/2012Implemented easter reward content.
4/8/2012Tweak #1 to Easter Dragon
4/7/2012Lots of bug fixes
4/7/2012Implemented Spell - Flood
4/7/2012Added Easter Dragon (If you dare)
4/4/2012Implemented Spell - Raise Corpses
4/2/2012Implemented Spell - Feather Fall
4/2/2012Implemented Spells - Break Resist Line
4/2/2012Implemented Spell - Silence
4/2/2012Implemented Spell - Wall of Wind.
4/1/2012Implemented Cooldowns for consumables.
4/1/2012Released Easter content.
4/1/2012Re-Implemented Spell - Fog of Enfeeblement
3/26/2012Implemented Spell - Enslave
3/26/2012Implemented Spell - Reveal Secrets
3/26/2012Updates to some Might / Resilience spells
3/26/2012Fixed several minor bugs.
3/20/2012Fixed bug causing missing item links in tell messages.
3/20/2012Implemented Spell - Enraging Shout
3/20/2012Implemented Spell - Vamp Aura
3/20/2012Implemented Spell - Bind Spirit
3/20/2012Implemented Spell - Teleport to Renatus
3/20/2012Implemented Spell - Teleport to Lake Shire
3/19/2012Fixed bug with 1H blocking.
3/19/2012Implemented Spell - Armor Break
3/19/2012Implemented Spell - Reckless Fury
3/19/2012Implemented Spell - Reflect Damage
3/19/2012Updated Spell - Vampiric Touch
3/18/2012Lots of bug fixes.
3/18/2012Implemented Spell - Burn Rank 2
3/18/2012Implemented Spell - Ignite
3/18/2012Implemented Spell - Lava Bomb
3/18/2012Implemented Spell - Hail Rank 2
3/18/2012Implemented Spell - Blizzard
3/18/2012Implemented Spell - Frozen Feet
3/18/2012Implemented Spell - Ice Bridge
3/8/2012Implemented Karma System.
3/8/2012Server stability updates.
2/26/2012Implemented Self Defense System (Karma coming soon)
2/25/2012Fixed inventory related crash
2/17/2012Fixed server memory corruption crashes.
1/23/2012Back end server optimizations.
1/23/2012Released mid level (10 - 20) armor craft recipes.
1/23/2012Added micro expansion (Enchanted gardens) to Enchanted Castle. (Special attention paid to new creature weapon effects feature)
1/15/2012Implemented Creature Rabies weapon effect
1/15/2012Implemented area effect caster AI.
1/15/2012Implemented 8 new alchemy recipes. (Included new adds potions that will stack with vendor potions)
1/15/2012Improved Alchemy Shot potions.
1/15/2012Updated spell cast sounds
1/14/2012Fixed bug causing falling damage when climbing down ropes.
1/14/2012Fire now burns corpses again.
1/14/2012Implemented Combust (Self target Fire area effect). Currently used by flame lizards / drakes.
1/14/2012Implemented base support for creature weapon effects. (such as poison and rabies)
1/14/2012Implemented Creature Poison weapon effect (Spiders, Scorpions, Frogs, etc)
1/10/2012Implemented weight, additional AI work.
1/10/2012Implemented falling damage.
1/8/2012Implemented most caster AI
1/8/2012Implemented weapon skill passives.
1/6/2012Released new world server
12/16/2011Released Holiday Content
10/24/2011Released Tainted Farm map. Added holloween holiday content.
10/15/2011Released levels 1-10 for Armorcraft & Weaponcraft
10/1/2011World Server re-write in progress. Core architecture and all technical hurdles completed. In process of transposing legacy code to conform to new architecture.
8/24/2011Extended Scorching Desert. (Low level content)
8/3/2011Implemented Holy Level 26 & 27 spells.
7/31/2011Added last boss to mushroom forest.
7/30/2011Implmented Mentality Levels 26 & 27 spells
7/30/2011Bug Fix - Ice wall / Ice Bridge spells do not send out all terrain updates.
7/24/2011Bug Fix - Shift / Ctrl key becomes non responsive after changing chat tabs.
7/24/2011Improved Ice Golems offensive abilities
7/24/2011Implemented Resilience Level 25,26,27 Spells
7/24/2011Implemented Might Level 25,26,27 Spells
7/24/2011Implemented Ice Level 26,27 Spells
7/10/2011Server optimizations. We can now bring C & D servers back up :)
7/3/2011Added new boss to the Mushroom Forest.
7/3/2011Added several new quests and drops to the Mushroom Forest.
7/3/2011Bug Fix - Hailstorm / Burn spells now work correctly.
6/25/2011AI Improvements
6/25/2011Bug Fix - Fireball / Hailstorm spells now get removed from the screen appropriately.
6/25/2011Bug Fix - Minor Extended Adds potions should now work correctly.
6/25/2011Stopping a pet will now clear its taunt.
6/25/2011Bug Fix - Creatures now cast constitution at the appropriate targets.
6/25/2011Potion effects can now be saved. Currently only artifact potions are capable of saving. Other potions will be updated soon in no particular order. Email if you have a preference and would like a certain potion type expedited.
6/25/2011Bug Fix - Bank will no longer occasionally replicate an item. ;)
6/13/2011UI Improvement - You can now customize chat colors
6/13/2011Released Forest map expansion (No bosses)
6/12/2011Critical strikes have been reduced from 2x to 1.5x
6/12/2011UI Improvement - Implemented customizable chat tabs and filters.
6/8/2011Bug Fix - Client allowing aoe spell cast prior to round delay finishing. (Resulting in your character getting booted)
6/4/2011Relased Jewelcraft
6/4/2011Added several Alchemy Recipes
6/4/2011Implemented Bind on Equip items
6/4/2011Implemented "Unique" items. These are similar to lore items, except you may carry multiple but only equip one.
6/4/2011Updated Mushroom Forest. Released a portion of the forest expansion.
6/4/2011Adjusted Auto Pathing - Double clicking a tile that is not your destination tile will remove your existing path.
6/4/2011Bug Fix - Conjured spells are automatically fizzled when you forget a magic dicipline.
6/4/2011UI Improvement - Animated busy cursor.
6/4/2011UI Improvement - Added glow to appropriate hand slot when dragging a weapon.
6/1/2011Beserker Frenzy spell now works for creatures.
6/1/2011Bug Fix - Prismatic Resist should now adjust physical resistance correctly.
6/1/2011Optimizations To bank
6/1/2011You can now forget magic disciplines.
6/1/2011Recall potions no longer save across instances. ;)
5/22/2011Implemented Checkpoints. Certain tiles are now designated as checkpoints. When you change instances, you will be placed at the last checkpoint you've encountered.
5/22/2011Recall Potions now save across instances.
5/22/2011Bug Fix - Mailbox no longer allows you to take duplicate lore items.
5/22/2011Bug Fix - After changing your password & entering game, you will no longer get an invaid login message upon exiting.
5/22/2011Bug Fix - Fixed failure causing characters to get stuck in game.
5/22/2011Bug Fix - Special characters not displaying correctly in mailbox.
5/22/2011Client performance improvement.
5/19/2011Bug Fix - Your buffs not displaying in creature list upon login.
5/19/2011Bug Fix - Killing yourself with Siphon Life will no longer duplicate your corpse.
5/19/2011Bug Fix - Darkness now works properly again.
5/19/2011Bug Fix - Feather Fall now works again.
5/19/2011UI Improvement - Added advanced sorting of creature list with 3 configurable presets.
5/15/2011Bug Fix - Mouse Over not updating after screen update (Allowing accidental attacks on friendly)
5/15/2011Bug Fix - Mouse Over on some containers (Like equipment) gets removed when screen updates
5/15/2011Bug Fix - Left click becomes non responsive after dragging coins under rare circumstances.
5/7/2011Bug Fix - Frozen feet does not update buff icon on creature list.
5/7/2011Bug Fix - Health pots not updating crit list.
5/7/2011Bug Fix - Removed scrollbar showing up in mailbox attachment list.
5/7/2011Bug Fix - Removed scrollbar showing up in trade window list.
5/7/2011Optimizations & improved performance of Client.
5/7/2011Optimizations to World Server. Reduced memory usage & improved performance of several high load processes.
5/7/2011Bug Fix - Server / client timing issue causing disconnect error on normal log out.
5/7/2011Bug Fix - Dead pets getting stuck in server process queue.
5/7/2011Bug Fix - Getting disconnected while affected with dagger poison no longer results in the inability to log back in.
5/7/2011Bug Fix - Death from falling results in 2 corpses. One from where you jumped and one where you landed.
5/7/2011Bug Fix - Weight does not update after crafting items with trade skills.
4/23/2011Happy Easter!! Event will be running until Monday April 25th
4/3/2011Released Crystal Caverns maps
3/24/2011Beggining to end animations are now supported. (All animations no longer have to endlessly loop)
3/22/2011Bug Fix - Special characters in messages causing server issues under certain circumstances.
3/22/2011Bug Fix - Dazzle spell now works correctly.
3/22/2011Bug Fix - Karma debuff reduces maximum HP/Mana/Stam without reducing current HP/Mana/Stam.
3/22/2011Increased the HP, Mana, Stam adds on all items by 25%
3/22/2011Increased Mana cost of all spells by 10%
3/22/2011Recall potions will no longer save when changing instances.
3/20/2011Bug Fix - Life funnel spell should now work properly.
3/20/2011Bug Fix - Pet kills will now trigger karma.
3/20/2011Bug Fix - Ground loot not updating after self ressurection.
3/20/2011Bug Fix - Binding vendor sold items will now bind when purchased.
3/20/2011Bug Fix - Error when trying to mail corpses or summoned items.
3/20/2011Bug Fix - Instant portal tiles (Like air or rope down tiles) fail if attempting to portal to somewhere on the same map.
3/20/2011Implemented Natural Darkness - Some tiles may now be permanently dark and require night vision to see. Unlike the Darkness spell, your field of view is not limited to 1 tile when using Night Vision.
3/18/2011Bug Fix - Trade skill bank withdrawls not triggering bank to save.
3/18/2011Bug Fix - Minor Extended Mana potions now work properly.
3/17/2011Added missing alchemy bottle to alchemy vendor.
3/17/2011Bug Fix - Trade skill window will now update all appropriate recipes.
3/17/2011Bug Fix - Cactus milk is now consumable.
3/13/2011Bug Fix - Freezing Aura will now stack properly with other defensive proc spells (Reflect Damage, Flame Shield, etc..)
3/13/2011Implemented Trade skill system
3/13/2011Implemented 32 Alchemy Starting recipes for levels 1-19. More recipes will be implmeneted as more trade skills are implemented.
3/6/2011Bug Fix - Disconnecting with stunning shout on your character causes login process to fail resulting in a client disconnect and duplicated character in game.
3/6/2011Bug Fix - Stunning shout no longer causes perma-stun.
3/6/2011Bug Fix - Random character replication issue when a portal leads to a different physical server.
3/6/2011Bug Fix - Server disconnect while having busy (circular) cursor no longer results in perma-busy.
3/1/2011Excessive force spell (Might) has been replaced with a new spell.
3/1/2011Bug Fix - Items showing magic resist in place of physical resist.
3/1/2011Bug Fix - Frostbite Rank 2 spell icon missing.
2/26/2011Implemented Physical Resistance - Shadow, Might, and Resilience spells now fall under Physical Resist.
2/26/2011Adjustments to item resists.
2/26/2011Implemented Level 26 Blunt 1H, and Slashing 1H passives.
2/26/2011Adjusted resist magics spells. Wisdom adds are no longer 1 for 1.
2/25/2011Added 5 new Lake Shire And Enchanted Castle quests.
2/24/2011Bug Fix - All mission plans should now be able to be picked up.
2/24/2011Bug Fix - Creatures immune to lightning are now only immune to the lightning stun effect.
2/24/2011Bug Fix - Error in resists vs spell-damage calculation.
2/23/2011Implemented 3 new Lake Shire quests.
2/21/2011Implemented 1H Piercing level 26 passive.
2/21/2011Bug Fix - Server failure due to connection failure causing deadlock on very rare occasions.
2/21/2011Implemented new Ice Plains quests including an *important* one.
2/20/2011Some creatures may now be immune to certain spell types.
2/20/2011Released last Ice Plains map. (Lair)
2/20/2011Ice Plains collection quest can now be completed.
2/17/2011Added better support for custom character images
2/17/2011Added -3 shortcut from renatus
2/17/2011Released a small addition to Ice Plains.
2/17/2011Added additional ice plains quests
2/17/2011Added Items to some existing Ice Plains quests
2/17/2011Added several passive weapon skills
2/15/2011Bug Fix - Attacking with an invalid weapon will no longer cause a disconnect
2/15/2011Bug Fix - Rush attacks should play sounds again
2/15/2011Bug Fix - Mana / Stam buff spells now update the creature list
2/15/2011Bug Fix - Accidentally sending a tell to someone with an [item link] in their name breaks client.
2/15/2011Updated Spell Icons
2/15/2011Renatus Dungeon has been updated. It is now Renatus Sewers.
2/10/2011Added Piercing 2H level 22 passive ability.
2/10/2011Implemented level 22 Blunt_1H passive ability.
2/10/2011Implemented level 22 Blunt_2H passive ability.
2/10/2011Adjustments to Resilience Taunt spells. Increased effectiveness. Fixed Enraging shout.
2/8/2011Located the cause of the server memory corruption issues. (Responsible for about 95% of crashes) The culprit turned out to be NVidia Network Manager, a tool that was installed on the servers. Crashes should practically dissapear now that this has finally been resolved.
2/7/2011Partial release of Ice Plain map.
2/5/2011Implemented Chat Item Links. You fill find a Link button in the item stats window of items that can be linked. Clicking item links in chat will display their item stats window.
2/5/2011Added additional client side logic to ensure sequence critical updates are processed in order.
1/30/2011Added some passive weapon abilities (abilities that automatically trigger). These abilities may be trained at the corrosponding weapon trainer. Abilities that are primarily offensive will be significantly affected by dexterity. Defensive abilities are affected by agility.
1/17/2011Bug Fix - Mouse over HP bars on the play field should update correctly again.
1/17/2011Bug Fix - Stat buff spells calculating differently when logging in then when first cast.
1/17/2011Bug Fix - Reflect Damage and Flame shield should no longer work against ranged attacks.
1/17/2011Bug Fix - Death penalty not being applied correctly for player res.
1/17/2011Added Additional server side data to /busylog command.
1/17/2011Added a 3rd non-interactive terrain layer for overlay art.
1/17/2011Re-Organized item stats pop up.
1/16/2011UI Improvement - Spell book now works like the bag. You may change pages while dragging an item by mousing over the page button.
1/13/2011Added an additional terrain layer.
1/13/2011Additional optimizations to client.
1/13/2011Bug Fix - Right Click throwing an error when clicking terrain that hangs off of the play field.
1/13/2011Bug Fix - Character inspection now works again.
1/13/2011Bug Fix - Stam and Mana bars should no longer dissapear from creature list when the value = 0.
1/13/2011Bug Fix - Walls not showing up correctly when your visibilty changes (Like dark wearing off).
1/13/2011Bug Fix - Character images not showing in character select.
1/13/2011Increased drop rate of Embers from lava caves.
1/13/2011Bug Fix - Ice golem's Ice resist now works properly
1/9/2011Adjustments to Ring of Fire spell
1/9/2011Update to Renatus Surface level art.
1/9/2011Major Efficiency update. Server sends substantially less data and the client has also been optimized. This should result in far greater performance when encountering many creatures at once.
1/8/2011Added additional item logic for consumables. Consumables that you do not meet the requirements for will no longer let you consume them.
1/8/2011Bug Fix - HP / Mana / Stam now saves correctly when logging out with modifying buffs.
1/8/2011Bug Fix - Attacking your pet will no longer trip a SD flag on yourself.
1/8/2011Released Enchanted Castle basement.
1/8/2011Bug Fix - Special characters in channel messages causing server failures.
1/7/2011Bug Fix - Issue causing creatures to temporarily dissapear & re-appear
1/7/2011Bug Fix - Forest area bugs are fixed. (These were due to adjustments made previously to accomodate the soon to come treetop map)
1/7/2011Bug Fix - Sending or recieving mail will now update your weight.
1/2/2011Server Efficiency Update
1/2/2011Released Lake Nymph Lair
1/2/2011Some creatures may now innately move more than 2 tiles in water.
1/2/2011AI Improvement.
1/2/2011Ice Golem Adjustment - Only the Ice Golems master can heal the ice golem with ice spells.
1/1/2011Bug Fix - Resist buffs adding different amounts when logging out and back in.
1/1/2011Bug Fix - Rounding issues with skills
1/1/2011Bug Fix - Syncronization issues when entering game.
1/1/2011Adjustment to Dark Castle top floor - Reduced number of creatures, reduced frequency of queens AOE, reduced maximum size & duration of queens AOE.
12/31/2010Released top floor of Dark Castle. ** Warning -Survival is highly unlikely **
12/27/2010Bug Fix - Server crash issue with new boss (Dark Castle)
12/27/2010Bug Fix - You can no longer send corpses via mail.
12/27/2010Bug Fix - Fixed damage / healing calculation for Vengeful & Admirable Spirit spells
12/27/2010Removed GM Characters from the rankings board.
12/27/2010Released next level of Dark Castle
12/26/2010Released next level to Dark Castle.
12/25/2010Bug Fix - Bleeding Wounds Rank 2 now works properly.
12/25/2010Released 2 more levels to Dark Castle.
12/22/2010Wisdom now effects the amount of Str, Int, Dex, or Agi given by the corrosponding buffs. (Previously only the duration was wisdom based)
12/22/2010Wisdom now effects the amount of HP granted by Vampiric Touch
12/21/2010Bug Fix - Channel Messages causing server failures.
12/21/2010Implemented Admirable Spirit spell (Resilience)
12/21/2010Implemented Vengeful Spririt Spell (Might)
12/13/2010Implemented Enraging Shout Spell (Resilience)
12/13/2010Adjustments to Reflect Damage spell
12/12/2010Bug Fix - Spirit Binder can no longer be killed.
12/12/2010Bug Fix - Dieing while carrying someone else's corpse will no longer cause the carried corpse to get stuck in game.
12/12/2010Adjustments to Alacrity Spell
12/12/2010Bug Fix - Missing an NPC will taunt accordingly.
12/12/2010Implemented Bleeding Wounds - Rank 2
12/12/2010Implemented Stunning Shout
12/12/2010Micro Release - Release another level to dark castle.
12/6/2010Bug Fix - Fixed Frozen Feet spell (AGAIN)
12/6/2010Adjustments to Vampiric Touch spell
12/5/2010Bug Fix - Shields will now block again.
12/5/2010Bug Fix - Attacking someones pet will now trip the SD flag correctly
12/5/2010Bug Fix - Fixed Frozen Feet spell
12/5/2010Micro Release - Released a VERY small portion of "Dark Castle" areas. (Attached to Lake Shire)
10/31/2010Bug Fix - Target AOE only tripping SD flag on target creature
10/31/2010Bug Fix - Pets will now trigger SD Flags
10/31/2010Adjustments to HP / Mana / Stam buff spells.
10/31/2010Implemented several new Mentality spells.
10/31/2010Implemented several new Shadow spells.
10/30/2010Implemented several new Holy spells.
10/30/2010Effeciency update to AI engine.
10/29/2010Adjustments to Hasten Mind
10/29/2010Implemented Unholy Protection Spell
10/29/2010Implemented Soul Sap Rank 2 Spell
10/29/2010Implemented Burn 2 Spell
10/29/2010Implemented Fire Protection Spell
10/29/2010Implemented Fire Pillars Spell
10/29/2010Adjustments to pet's Resists
10/29/2010Implemented Fire Arrow - Rank 3 Spell
10/24/2010Adjustments to Armor Break spell.
10/24/2010Ice golem now absorbs and heals when hit with ice damage.
10/24/2010Attacking your pets no longer grants melee Exp.
10/24/2010Bug Fix - Missing Icons in trade window.
10/24/2010Bug Fix - Spell cost to long, causing scroll bars in trainer window.
10/24/2010Adjustments to the way pets HP are calculated.
10/24/2010Implemented Summon Skeleton spell.
10/21/2010Bug Fix - Some creatures get stuck if they have visible enemies that are > 4 tiles away
10/21/2010Bug Fix - Fire arrow now sends updates properly
10/21/2010Bug Fix - Temporary replication of items moving them from page to page in the bag.
10/21/2010Bug Fix - Some AOE spells causing server crash under specific circumstances.
10/21/2010Implemented several new ice spells.
10/21/2010Healing / Mana / Stam potion effects can no longer be removed.
10/21/2010Mortons Lava Cave quest can now be completed.
10/21/2010Bug Fix - Internal server crash issue.
10/6/2010Bug Fix - Channel join / leave messages now cross servers correctly.
10/6/2010Mail box attachments are working again.
10/6/2010Bug Fix - Rabies now lasts 5 minutes again.
10/6/2010Bug Fix - LOTS of spelling / typo corrections.
10/6/2010UI Improvement - You can now change bag pages while dragging an item by mousing over the paging buttons.
10/6/2010Bug Fix - All the lava peppers should now be on accessable tiles.
10/3/2010Bug Fix - You will no longer sink or drown in doorways.
10/3/2010Implemented Lake Shire quest to increase bag size. (Added paging ability like spell book)
9/29/2010Bug Fix - Dying in lava will no longer drop multiple corpses.
9/29/2010Bug Fix - Breathe of fire potion now works properly.
9/29/2010Bug Fix - Lava with doors on top will now burn you accordingly. :)
9/29/2010Adjustments To Lightning Spell - Creatures now have a chance to resist the stun effect. It will not attempt to stun a creature that is already stunned. Mana cost has been significantly increased.
9/29/2010Pets will now take damage from lava.
9/28/2010Implemented Lava Caves - 91 Items - 5890 Tiles - 21 Creature Types - 173 Creature Spawns - 12 Quests
9/28/2010Bone Claws now drop of many more creatures.
9/28/2010Bone spear has been upgraded.
9/28/2010Ring of Healing has been moved. The creature that used to drop this now drops a different item.
9/28/2010Warriors Guard and Mighty Guard items have been moved. The creatures that used to drop this now drop different items.
9/28/2010Bone short sword has been changed to a new sword and moved. The creature that used to drop this now drops a different item.
9/28/2010Bracelet of Fury has become lore and moved locations. The creature that used to drop this now drops a different item.
9/28/2010Mezmerize is now less likely to be resisted.
9/28/2010Bug Fix - Weight now updates when moving coins to or from the ground.
9/28/2010Creatures regen rates are now adjustable.
9/21/2010Bug Fix - Hide wears off when dark wears off.
9/21/2010Bug Fix - Hide always wears off when you log in.
9/20/2010Added Default Chat Channels
9/20/2010Bug Fix - Occasionally losing all your buffs at once would not remove all icons.
9/20/2010Bug Fix - Rabies does not restart timer every time you log in anymore.
9/20/2010Recall Potions now save.
9/19/2010Bug Fix - Issue with karma not flagging or removing to early.
9/19/2010Implemented chat channels.
9/18/2010Implemented spririt binding and binding NPCs - Self ressurection (when you die and click the rez button) will now return you to your bind point.
9/18/2010Instances Canopus and Deneb should be available. They are now running on a different physical server so if Antares / Betelgues crash, you should be able to continue playing on Canopus / Deneb. (The login process might be slow)
9/16/2010Fixed several GM commands to function across servers.
9/16/2010Bug Fix - Vampiric Touch should now work properly.
9/13/2010Added teleport potions to Renatus and Lake Shire
9/12/2010Added creatures to Lake Shire.
9/9/2010Implemented Mailbox.
9/6/2010Succubus taunt is reduced
9/6/2010Lesser Perm Stat potions now work up to base stat of 25
9/6/2010Adjustments to mana burn spell
9/6/2010Added Sort feature to bank
9/6/2010Implemented Fire Bolt Rank 3 (Fire)
9/6/2010Implemented Freezing Aura Rank 2 (Ice)
9/6/2010Implemented Lightening Spell (Holy)
9/6/2010Implemented Necrosis Rank 3 (Unholy)
9/6/2010Made slight adjustment to the combat skill bonus
9/6/2010Implemented Rejuvinate Mana Rank 2 (Mentality)
9/6/2010Implemented Hide Rank 2 (Shadow)
9/6/2010Reduced Chance to resist Heavy Limbs spell
9/6/2010Implemented Vampiric Touch Rank 2 (Resilience)
9/6/2010Modified Health, Mana, Stam, Potions - Potions heal much more per tick. The effect will last for 1 minute, even after healing is complete. Potion cannot be re-applied until the effect has worn off.
9/6/2010Implemented Stronger Health, Mana, Stam Potions
9/6/2010Toned down damage of creatures on Renatus surface.
9/6/2010Pre-Release new town. (Mostly empty)
9/6/2010AI Improvement - Creatures now have the ability to cast most spells, rather than just self cast or offensive.
8/26/2010Added Karma to main menu. If you have karma, it will display who it is from (so you know who can forgive you if your not sure who you've killed) and when it will expire.
8/26/2010Bug Fix - Fix for bank items dissapearing when server crashes.
8/25/2010Implemented PvP system.
8/23/2010Bug Fix - Going up and down stairs, using portals, and recalling should now work properly while carrying another players corpse.
8/22/2010Server update - Fix for lag & large boost in efficiency.
8/18/2010Bug Fix - NV Potion broken
8/18/2010Increased mana cost of pet spells
8/18/2010Bug Fix - Server crash due to pet dieing from AOE
8/18/2010Implemented Breathe Water potion
8/18/2010You may now only create 1 character every 15 minutes.
8/18/2010Bug Fix - Getting auto-rezzed after you close the browser or drop connection no longer resets the 30 second exit timer
8/18/2010Tiles that you land on when you ressurect are now flagged as No AOE
8/18/2010Bug Fix - The chat window should not longer occasionally cut off the last word if it lands on a new line.
8/18/2010Ice Golem will now taunt with every attack.
8/18/2010Implemented a SMALL death penalty for characters with a skill > level 10.
8/18/2010Holy trainer will now ressurect players with no death penalty.
8/18/2010Updated creature list - Buffs now display beneath the name. This allows many more buffs to be displayed.
8/15/2010Bug Fix - Certain characters cause client error when using /tell or /shout
8/15/2010Bug Fix - Life Funnel will no longer stack the healing portion of the buff
8/15/2010Implemented Ground Spawn Items
8/15/2010Implemented Final cathedral map (Catacombs) Use a recall, you will get lost. Will you discover all the sercrets?
8/15/2010Added several new quests
8/7/2010Compressed data from world server - World server sends approximately 30% - 40% less data. This should improve performance. Especially for dial up users.
8/7/2010Implemented dynamic walls - Walls will now dynamically change depending on the angle you are viewing them as to not give away what is on the other side. ;-)
8/6/2010Bug Fix - Throwing a weapon now updates creature list correctly.
8/6/2010Bug Fix - Casting magic resistance will now immediately show hidden creatures. (If your resistance is high enough)
8/6/2010Bug Fix - You can no longer attack yourself with a range weapon.
8/6/2010Bug Fix - Poison Spell now sends out damage messages correctly.
8/6/2010Bug Fix - You can no longer portal while dead if you send the command right before you are killed.
8/6/2010AI Improvement - If you are not accessable to creatures (Behind a counter or standing somewhere they do not want to move), they will switch to spell casting if available.
8/6/2010Bug Fix - Creatures should no longer execute a rush attack if they could not see you, but land on your tile by chance.
8/6/2010Implemented despawn - Creatures that have been pulled out of their specified areas will now portal back to their spawn point after approxmately 2 minutes with no visibile enemies.
8/6/2010Bug Fix - Server crash when Summoned Lava Bomb attacks a creature
8/4/2010Bug Fix - Creatures ignoring taunt durring their casting rounds.
8/4/2010AI Improvement - Some creatures have gotten smarter and now ignore spells like Illusion Fire.
8/4/2010Adjustments to Freezing Bolt - It may now be resisted and cannot be re-applied until it has worn off. However, frozen foot may still be re-applied.
8/4/2010AI Improvement - Creatures that become immobilized will now switch to spell casting if available.
8/3/2010Bug Fix - AI Issue causing creatures to occasionally dissapear and re-appear.
8/3/2010Added Night Vision effect to Wraith Potions
8/3/2010Bug Fix - Frozen Foot and Freezing Bolt should now work correctly.
8/3/2010Bug Fix - Server crash due to pet AI issue.
8/3/2010Implemented basement level of Cathedral of the Night.
8/1/2010Frozen Foot Rank 2 is now Freezing Bolt
8/1/2010Implemented Taunt spell (Resilience)
8/1/2010Quests for Cathedral of the Night have been implemented.
8/1/2010Implemented upstairs of Cathedral
7/31/2010Bug Fix - Reflect Damage no longer leaves dead creatures on field.
7/31/2010Bug Fix - Poison now displays icon in effects window and creature list.
7/31/2010Bug Fix - Poison no longer poisons a creature when you are blocked.
7/31/2010Implemented Break Resist spells, (Lowers the resistance of target creature).
7/31/2010Implemented surface level of Dark Cathedral. (2 More Dark Cathedral maps tomorrow hopefully. Quests will not be added until all the maps have been released.)
7/28/2010Hide spell now works on any tiles with darkness.
7/28/2010Dexterity now effects damage when using range skill rather than Strength.
7/28/2010Slightly toned down fizzle rate.
7/28/2010Bug Fix - Unable to log in if logged out with certain DOTs still on your character.
7/27/2010Bug Fix - Ring of endurance now fits in your bag.
7/27/2010Bug Fix - Weight is updated after training.
7/27/2010Bug Fix - Exploding Aura not removing dead creature from play field (I believe this was the bug responsible for the occasional stuck & non-responsive creatures).
7/27/2010Bug Fix - Available training not calculating correctly and allowing you to train to far in advance.
7/27/2010Added "Trained To" to the training windows so you can now see when you will stop gaining 2X exp.
7/27/2010Bug Fix - Client server syncronization issue when moving items from the ground to your inventory causing the item being dragged to dissapear and left click to stop working. (Thanks to Fwah for pin pointing EXACTLY what causes this because it cannot be reproduced in my local environment)
7/26/2010Bug Fix - Flame Arrow boots client if kills a creature with direct damage.
7/26/2010Bug Fix - Server crash due to buffs overwriting other buffs at the same time they are performing their effect.
7/26/2010Bug Fix - Poorly configured creatures (created by Dahveed) will no longer cause massive server failure.
7/26/2010Implemented Buff / Debuff Stacking groups. Spells in the same group will no longer stack (Such as Rank 1 and Rank 2 of the same spell)
7/25/2010Increased the amount of mana and stamina potions restore to 1000 (Same as healing potions)
7/25/2010Bug Fix - Can not cast poison if you are not holding a weapon that can be poisoned.
7/25/2010Implemented No AOE Tiles. Some places (like in town) may be flagged as no AOE.
7/25/2010Bug Fix - Initial AOE damage now checks against resists correctly.
7/25/2010Adjustment to hide spell - You may now hide holding any range weapon or any item that fits in your bag.
7/25/2010Bug Fix - Resist unholy causes client to be kicked.
7/25/2010UI Improvement - If there were many items on the ground, you had to clear an area of items in order to right click the ground to look back up at the play field. Now, while looking at the ground, right clicking anywhere that does not open a menu will look back up at the play field.
7/25/2010UI Improvement - You can now drop coins in your bag, or on the bag icon.
7/25/2010Bug Fix - Claiming a escort quest reward without enough inventory room would complete the quest making you unable to recieve the reward.
7/25/2010UI Improvement - Your volume selection is now stored as a cookie. It will not reset upon log out and will apply to any accounts that log in on that computer.
7/25/2010Bug Fix - Visibility issue with Creature AI, creatures were able to see you from certain tiles that you could not see them.
7/25/2010Bug Fix - Prismatic Resist booting client
7/25/2010Bug Fix - Rejuvinate Life booting client
7/24/2010Server Crash - Pet AI Issue.
7/24/2010Bug Fix - Creatures attacking player ghosts causing them to drop multiple corpses.
7/24/2010Bug Fix - AOEs not affecting taunt.
7/24/2010Bug Fix - Could not drop an item on the bag button when only 1 slot is available in the bag.
7/24/2010Implemented taunt system - Creatures should now opt to attack whoever is doing the most damage.
7/24/2010Bug Fix - /random command now works properly and does not send a different random value to everyone viewing. lol (Way to random)
7/23/2010Bug Fix - Characters getting stuck unable to enter game after a previous attempt times out.
7/23/2010Bug Fix - Several server crash issues fixed.
7/23/2010Your the items on your belt will no longer drop to the ground when your corpse is looted or burned, only your bag items and coins.
7/22/2010Bug Fix - Server crash due to pet getting dismissed while pet is transfering maps (going up or down stairs)
7/22/2010Bug Fix - Trading an item that is in your hand updates creature list correctly.
7/22/2010Implemented Weight - If you are over weight, moving more than 1 tile will cost stamina. The more tiles you move the more stamina it will cost. Your weight is displayed on the Character Stats window (Blue button)
7/21/2010Adjustments to poison spell.
7/21/2010Bug Fix - Weapons will no longer dissapear when poisoned.
7/21/2010Adjustments to Resilience spells.
7/21/2010Implemented Reflect Damage spell (Resilience)
7/20/2010Bug Fix - Logging out with Hide spell active causes character to be unable to log back in.
7/20/2010Bug Fix - Button highlights do not go away if an item your dragging is removed before you drop it.
7/20/2010UI Improvement - While dragging coins from the ground, if the number of coins on the ground changes, the number of coins your dragging will also change, rather than just dissapearing.
7/20/2010Left & Right hands are no longer reversed in inspect window.
7/20/2010Bug Fix - Trade window now requires characters to re-accept if the number of coins offered changes.
7/20/2010Bug Fix - Putting bound items in the bank is no longer breaking item bindings.
7/20/2010Bug Fix - Server crash caused by friends list update durring character load (multi threading issue)
7/20/2010Bug Fix - Server crash caused by failure in creature AI
7/20/2010Bug Fix - Characters are unable to log in after logging out with a corpse in one of their hands.
7/20/2010Bug Fix - Characters are unable to log in after putting non inventoried items (such as corpses) in their banks.
7/20/2010Bug Fix - Missing with a range weapon no longer plays the melee miss sound.
7/19/2010Bug Fix - Escort quests now complete properly.
7/19/2010Admins may now teleport themselves and other players.
7/19/2010Adjustments to Unholy spells
7/19/2010Implemented Life Funnel spell (Unholy)
7/19/2010Bug Fix - Darkness spell causes crash.
7/19/2010Bug Fix - Creature list should only display yourself if you are blind.
7/19/2010Adjustments to shadow spells.
7/17/2010Implemented Stun Rank 2 (Might)
7/17/2010Friends list is now working. You will recieve a message from the server whenever a player logs in or out that is on your friends
7/17/2010Bug Fix - Ressurection spells no longer occasionally ressurect you to a different map.
7/17/2010AI Improvement - Some creatures may now choose NOT to avoid certain AOE spells.
7/17/2010Added /random command. Type /random to roll a magic 100 sided die.
7/17/2010Implemented Lore Items - Cannot carry more than 1 of the same lore item. (You can however keep multiples in the bank)
7/17/2010Admins may now send server wide broadcasts.
7/17/2010Server now verifies client version to ensure users do not have an old client cached in temporary files.
7/17/2010Slightly turned down difficulty of the Mushroom Forest.
7/17/2010Implemented Lava
7/17/2010Implemented Scorching Desert maps.
7/17/2010Implemented 3 new quests.
7/6/2010Improved creature AI - Creatures may now use self cast spells.
7/6/2010Bug Fix - Crash if enter game lands on closed door.
7/5/2010Improved creature AI - Creatures may now mix casting with melee rather than just casting until they run out of mana.
7/5/2010Improved creature AI - Creatures may now be given the inate ability to instant cast spells.
7/2/2010Bug Fix - Random number generator stops being random after extended period of time
7/2/2010Bug Fix - Recall potion not working correctly if recalling between maps
6/26/2010Adjustments to might spells
6/26/2010Adjustments to holy spells
6/26/2010Bug Fix - Crash if attempt to remove a buff while waiting for action delay
6/26/2010Implemented Recall Potion
6/22/2010Implemented Furious Rush Spell (Might)
6/22/2010Implemented Excessive Force Spell (Might)
6/22/2010Bug Fix - Rush attack produces error if creature moves before server gets rush command.
6/21/2010Implemented Mental Anguish spell
6/21/2010Implemented Mana Burn spell
6/21/2010Bug Fix - Cannot turn in quests when you have to choose a reward.
6/21/2010Added Range Trainer (Renatus)
6/21/2010Bug Fix - Mesmerize spell does not update character effect window
6/20/2010Implemented Summon Ice Golem Spell
6/20/2010Added 2 quest NPCs (Renatus)
6/20/2010Bug Fix - Creature attacking creature briefly allows negative HP
6/20/2010Bug Fix - Pets do not dismiss when using a portal they cannot follow through
6/20/2010Adjustments to Fire Arrow spell
6/20/2010Adjustments to Burn spell
6/20/2010Bug Fix - Resist magic spells not adding correct resist after logout and login
6/20/2010Adjustments to Flame Shield Spell
6/20/2010Bug Fix - Illusion Fire spell causes crash
6/20/2010Implemented Ring of Fire spell
6/20/2010Implemented Summon Lava Bomb Spell
6/20/2010Bug Fix - Pets occasionally start attacking themselves after their master attacks them.
6/16/2010Bug Fix - Crash when successfull attack with 2 hand weapon and item in left hand
6/16/2010Bug Fix - Frostbite spell causes crash
6/16/2010Aligned columns in trainers spell window
6/16/2010Bug Fix - Resist Ice causes crash
6/16/2010Bug Fix - Hail Storm not updating client HP when dealing damage
6/15/2010Bug Fix - Perma Stun if killed while stunned
6/14/2010Added Ctrl (Command on Mac) key for right click, Added warning message.