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Do you see that fancy-schmancy-pantsy graphic right there? That’s called the “Interface Overview” if you’re a total nerd, or “what I see on my screen when I play the game” if you’re not. Take a gander at all the little sections of it; we’ll go through ‘em one by one.

Play Field: This is where all the magic happens; you’ll be centered in it at all times. This is where you will move, where you will fight, where you will interact with NPCs and other players, where you will ignore other players if they’re really annoying, where you will triumph in many heroic battles, where you will die many horrible deaths. It’s also where you will cast spells.

Action Indicator: As you mouse over this or that thing in the play field, this little guy will change to tell you what will happen if you double-click there. BEWARE! If you mouse over a wall or counter that’s more than one tile away from you, this will say “Move to”, but it really means “Smash into face-first and get stunned for a little bit.” We just didn’t have the room to write it all there.

Spell Effects: The big long bar on the right side shows you what spells and potions are affecting you at any given moment in time. The number listed on each spell icon tells you how many more minutes that spell will affect you; if there’s a “?” it means that effect will last however long it darn well pleases, so the most you can do is shut your talk-hole and just deal with it until it wears off. If you right-click any spell icon, the popup will tell you some info like the spell’s name, its effect, and whether it’s beneficial (great) or detrimental (crappy). You can double-click beneficial spell icons to debuff them early.

Control Window: This goes hand in hand with the control bar below. Suffice to say, this screen will show info about whatever control bar button you clicked last. Clicked the Stats button? This screen’ll show your stats. Clicked the Spellbook button? It’ll show your spells. Clicked the Equipment button? It’ll show...what you’ve got equipped!! Mind-blowing, is it not?

Control Bar: This contains eight different buttons that sum up how/what your character is doing in the game. When you click a button, the relevant info will show up in the control screen directly above. But since I assume you’re reading this top to bottom like a normal person, you already knew that from the blurb on the control window. Since this particular button involves so much stuff, it gets its own page in this how-to-play guide. Moving on.

Status & Weapons: Right here tells you what you’re holding in your left and right hands (if anything) and how much health, mana and stamina you have left (if any). For the record, each weapon’s description will tell you what hand you can hold it in to use it (left, right or either). If it’s a two-hander, you have to hold it in your right hand with nothing in your left hand for it to work. (Yes, this game discriminates against left-handers.)

Messages: This window shows all of the chat going on in the game, based on what chat channels you’ve joined. Everyone starts out in the /1-HELP channel, meaning that if you type “/1 whateveryouwanttosayhere” (without the quotes) then pretty much anyone playing will see it. Typing “/tell playernamehere whateveryouwanttosayhere” will send a private message to that player. If you join more than one chat channel (discussed later), then just type /2, /3 or /whatevernumberislisted to chat in those specific channels.

Spell Bar: Here is where you can drag and drop your twelve most-used spells, so you don’t have to rummage through pages and pages of your spellbook all the time to cast them. This bar keeps your top twelve in an easy-to-reach spot...right next to the cast window.

Cast Window: Whenever you double-click a spell, it shows up here first. Basically, it means you’ve “conjured” the spell, and it’s now ready to cast. Depending on the type of spell it is (cast on target, cast on self, etc.) double-clicking the spell in the cast window will either automatically cast it on you, or change the cursor to some form of a crosshair which you can then use to click on a target or tile in the play field to cast it there. Just as a heads-up: if you’ve warmed a spell but haven’t cast it yet, it’s possible for the spell to be “fizzled” if you take damage. In that case you need to re-conjure the spell again in order to cast it. Leaving a spell conjured will slowly drain your mana.

Pet Controls: Some magic school offer spells that allow you to conjure up pets. When you’ve done just that, pet controls will show up in this area. From left to right, they are:
   1. FOLLOW: Your pet will, amazingly, follow you around. Astonishing!
   2. STAY: Your pet will, bewilderingly, stay where it currently is. Fascinating!
   3. MOVE: Your pet will, shockingly, move to the tile you click on. Astounding!
   4. ATTACK: Your pet will, incredibly, attack the target you click on. Unbelievable!

Main Menu: If you click this little button, a bunch of options show up. From top to bottom, they are:

SHOW QUICK START: This is where you can re-read the quick-start popup you saw when you first entered the game that you invariably just fast-clicked through without reading. Now you can fast-click through it again, as many times as you want!

SOUND VOLUME: You can set the game’s volume anywhere from 0 (mute) to 10 (eardrum-shattering if you happen to be wearing headphones).

CHAT CHANNELS: Here’s where you can specify what chat channels you want to join or remove yourself from. The list will show you what number’s been assigned to each channel (/1, /2, /3, etc.) so if you forget, you can check again here.

COLORS: Here you can set the colours of various types of messages you’ll see in the chat window (tells, shouts, server messages, incoming damage, etc.). VERY helpful when there’s a lot of messages going through chat at once. Also very helpful if you’re colour-blind, I guess.

FRIENDS LIST: Here’s where you can add/delete players from your friends list. If a person is in your friends list, you’ll be able to see whether they’re online or not. If they’re online, you’ll also be able to see what server’s they’re on, as well as what area of the map they’re in. If you’re REALLY good friends, you can even check the “No SD Flag” box, meaning that the game won’t auto-set them as an enemy if they attack you. If you’re REEEEEALLY good friends, then get a room. Sheesh!

STORYLINE JOURNAL: This is like, the best freaking part of the whole freaking game! HOLY CRAP IT’S SO GOOD. The storyline of the game (yes, there is a storyline) is separated into chapters, and each chapter is separated into parts. When you first enter the game, you auto-unlock Chapter 1, Part 1, but after that, every other part is unlocked by doing certain things or meeting certain goals within the game. There are subtle hints in each part regarding what’s needed to unlock the next part. Some parts even have multiple triggers that all need to be done to unlock them. Moral of the story: try doing everything. But seriously. Sweet storyline. Best part of the game. DISCLAIMER: The fact that the how-to-play-guide writer and the storyline writer are the same person has absolutely no bearing on the content of this section. >_> <_< >_>

STORE: Just kidding about that last bit; **THIS** is the best freaking part of the whole freaking game! HOLY CRAP ITS SO AMAZING. Here’s where you can buy potions that permanently increase your stats, or potions that double your skill gain for FOUR FREAKING HOURS, which, if you’re not a mathy kind of person, is LONGER THAN YOU IMAGINE. For the record though, each type of potion has a monthly maximum limit for the amount you can buy; this is to keep people from “buying their way to the top”, which - let’s be honest here - is what pretty much happens in all other MMORPGs, ever. But we’re not crappy like that. Yay us!

KARMA: If you’re a jerk and decide to kill another player off in a non-PvP server, you’ll see a spell effect in the spell effects bar called “Karma”. Basically, it’s 24 hours of lowered stats as a reward for being a jackass. This button in the menu will show you a list of all the people you’ve killed to win your d-bag award. Hopefully, most of the time this will be greyed out.

EXIT GAME: I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to what this button does. For the record though, if you move to a different tile or take damage, it will start a 30-second countdown that must finish before you can exit the game. If you get down to one second and move or take damage, it’ll start back up at 30. This is so you can’t cheapskate your way through the game by logging in, getting in a cheap shot from the shadows, and immediately logging out before the target knows what hit them like some kind of digitized Batman.