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External Integration for Webmasters & Developers
Have a Gaming, RPG, or other Website and want to add RPG Reborn to your line up? Its simple, RPG Reborn supports 3rd party hosting and full login integration when requested.

Basic Integration

The RPG Reborn client can be loaded into an IFrame 1005x670 using URL:

Its that easy, and you'll always have the most recent updates.

Login Integration

Full login integration is supported for sites that have their own user accounts and do not need users to create a RPG Reborn account.

This process is also simple. You first need to aquire a RPG Reborn Client ID. Once you have a Client ID, you simply pass your Client ID, a verification token, and your logged in user's ID as URL parameters to the RPG Reborn IFrame. You will then need to implement a callback on your server that the RPG Reborn server will call to validate the token. If the token is valid, the callback is expected to respond with the associated user's ID. This allows RPG Reborn to ensure users are valid, and tokens are associated with the correct user. Your tokens should expire to prevent any security risks.

Contact Webmaster@RpgReborn.com for a Client ID and additional details.